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Use a Fogging Machine to Disinfect Your Home and Business

Cleaning and disinfecting medium-sized to large areas with precision and with a high percentage of eliminating pathogens that are not visible in the areas is a challenge. It is the CDC defines “cleaning” as the removal of dirt, germs, and impurities off surfaces. However, this method doesn’t kill germs, however, it helps to reduce their number and increases the likelihood of spreading the infection. Infecting against Covid-19 however involves using specific products to kill pathogens that are on surfaces, which reduces the possibility of spreading illness.

If you only use an air-tight towel and spray bottle and a towel, you are likely to miss a lot of places that may be home to Coronavirus (Covid-19) and other dangerous microorganisms. Through time, I’ve cleaned and disinfected numerous homes that were both large and small. What I have discovered as the best and most efficient method of disinfecting large and medium-sized structures is using what’s described as “handheld fogger” or “handheld fogger or fogging machine,” that can be described in two ways: dry fog systems and wet.

A wet fog machine normally uses a chlorine dioxide or hydrogen peroxide-based product, and dry fog systems use a hydrogen peroxide-based disinfectant/sterilant for decontamination. Certain machines require a particular hydrogen peroxide-based item.

For a long time, medical professionals have used these machines for sterilizing hospitals and cleaning medical equipment. In addition environmental remediates and mold experts like me use foggers often in their businesses to eliminate toxic mold and harmful microorganisms. In 2014, NASA has begun making use of and promoting these machines together with a specific disinfectant.

A study conducted in 2017 on the veridical effect of fogging machines using hydrogen peroxide and chlorine dioxide disinfectants against human Norovirus discovered a major benefit to fogging, in that it provides uniform exposure to disinfectants throughout the space, including difficult to reach surfaces. Furthermore, as fogging is semi-automated and covers large areas, and is expected to kill the virus that is transmitted through the air and allow for greater sanitation efficiency, greater compliance, and higher productivity.”

The reason why they are more effective is that instead of focusing on tiny areas of interest using a spray bottle and towel when properly fogging cover the entire surface of a property in a very short amount of time. This also includes areas that you can’t access by using disinfectants. With a functioning ULV sprayer, it is possible to disperse extremely fine aerosol drops (fog) that will cover your walls, ceilings flooring, and all surfaces to kill and stop coronavirus.

As well as being capable of covering a vast space and penetrating into secluded areas within a short period of time, you’ll also need to use less disinfectant since the amount of water sprayed from ULV machines is comparatively small in comparison to the area that is treated, which reduces the risk of exposure to humans as well as the surrounding environment.

When a fogger is dry the surfaces are dry throughout dispersal. Wet/Mist fog systems employ various disinfectants to clean up and can become wet as they dispersal. The concept is to cover the surfaces with a thin layer, but not soak them in decontamination. The quantity of product to be used and the approximate time to disperse must be correctly calculated from the perspective of the customer. Get more info about TPU Masterbatch supplier.

There are numerous kinds of machines on the market, however, getting one in this time of crisis is a lot easier than it sounds. The prices range between $150 and $5k or higher. My opinion is that most businesses and individuals don’t need an expensive fogger worth $5,000. Based on my experience, an efficient machine like the electric ultra-low-volume (ULV) fogging machine that is wet is available online for around $300-900. With one gallon of disinfectant, it is possible to cover every area of a 2,500 sq ft structure with disinfectant within an hour or less.

I would like to point out that from my own personal experience with my mold business, and following a number of studies I found that chlorine dioxide (bleach) and other bleach-based products can be extremely harmful to pets, humans as well as the natural environment. I was sick multiple times during my career, due to fogging even wearing a full-face chemical respirator, and knowing every time I experienced the smell of chlorine dioxide or that it got absorbed in my Tyvek suit or my clothing into my skin and caused me to feel sick, I knew I needed to find a more safe and effective remedy. That’s the way Pure Hydrogen Peroxide was born in the year 2018.

In a recent study, researchers found fogging with hydrogen peroxide to be a safe and effective method to use against various types of bacteria and viruses that can be harmful to humans and the environment. Researchers stated that

“Vaporized Hydrogen Peroxide (VPHP) offers a non-toxic alternative to these harmful gases and the requirement for neutralization before emission into the atmosphere. PHP is broken into water and oxygen and both are environmentally friendly. H2O2 in water is active against a broad range of microorganisms, including yeasts, bacteria, fungi as well as viruses and spores. Home: www.crazysmall.com

I’m certain that you or your loved ones are sick or nauseated when you smell bleach therefore please don’t make use of it for disinfection. In my next piece, I’ll provide more about the science behind the mechanism behind hydrogen peroxide is better than hydrogen peroxide that is food grade is more effective and safe than chlorine dioxide.

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