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Best 5 ISO 4 cleanroom companies

Cleanrooms are environments that are specifically designed to maintain strict levels of cleanliness and control particulate contamination thereby ensuring the quality and integrity of the products made in them. Out of numerous classifications, ISO 4 cleanroom is one of the most stringent and purest rooms available. In particular, to ensure that these environments are kept clean and free from particles such as dust, ISO 14644-1 specification has been laid down by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

Understanding ISO 4 Cleanrooms

ISO 4 cleanrooms as per ISO 14644-1 standards have a low level of airborne particles and hence offer a controlled environment for very precise and clean particular processes. They also keep their particle counts within defined limits, usually given in particles per cubic meter (e.g., not more than 10 particles ≥0.1 μm in size per cubic meter of air).

ISO 4 Cleanrooms Key Features

To keep the air pristine, NEBB cleanrooms will have state-of-the-art HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) systems with high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) or ultra-low penetration air (ULPA) filters. Besides, they also consist of specialized floors, walls, ceilings, and even airlocks to minimize particle formation and invasion. Furthermore, this is achieved by strictly following rigorous gowning protocols and cleanroom rules for personal and equipment hygiene.

How NEBB Certifies Cleanrooms

One of the renowned organizations in this field called National Environmental Balancing Bureau (NEBB) plays a significant role in ensuring that cleanrooms are certified as well as their quality is maintained. NEBB-certified experts assess and validate cleanliness levels in clean room areas according to industry standards which adhere to regulations stated under ISO 14644-1.

What Industries Use ISO 4 Cleanrooms?

NEBB cleanrooms apply to industries where precision cleanliness or product integrity takes precedence. Its use is common in manufacturing projects related to semiconductor manufacturing processes together with medical device fabrication arenas as well as pharmaceutical production places.


The ISO 4 standard room provides a critical cleanliness level governed by ISO14644-1. Precise certification and maintenance work is done on NEBB’s part to make sure that these rooms remain regulated spaces where industries might expect to meet strict internal requirements. Here are the Best 5 ISO 4 cleanroom companies.





Website: https://www.cleanroom-system.com/

Since its establishment in 1996, CLEEMS Cleanroom System Engineering and Material Co., LTD has emerged as a leading Clean Room Engineering & Consultant company in China. Specializing in the supply of advanced clean rooms, CLEEMS caters to diverse client needs across various advanced industries. Notable clients include Intel, AMD, National Semiconductor (USA), STS Microelectronics, Sony, Roche, Baxter, Wyeth, among others. Founded through a collaboration between Shanghai Electronics Engineering Design & Research Institute Co., Ltd (SEEDRI) and China Electronics System Engineering Co., Ltd (CESEC), CLEEMS remains committed to delivering optimal design and manufacturing solutions to meet the stringent requirements of its clientele.

2, Particle Measuring Systems





Website: https://www.pmeasuring.com/

The company is deeply committed to advancing contamination monitoring in order to bolster the success of clean manufacturers. They achieve this by offering a range of invaluable services, including cutting-edge technology, high-quality service, collaborative solutions, and unparalleled expertise. At the heart of their operations is a global team comprising dedicated and creative individuals who work tirelessly to innovate and push the boundaries of contamination monitoring. Through their collective efforts, the company continually strives to provide manufacturers with the insights and support they need to thrive in clean environments.

Condensation Particle Counter CPC

Portable Particle Counter

3, Wiskind




Website: https://www.wiskindcleanroom.com/

Wiskind, established in 1978, specializes in cleanroom enclosure systems, boasting an expansive area of over 66,666 square meters and a workforce of 2,000 staff members. With over 40 years of development, Wiskind has amassed rich experience in designing, manufacturing, transportation, and installation of cleanroom systems. The company remains committed to providing customers with the most reasonable and economical solutions, catering to industries such as biomedicine, electronic semiconductor, food, and new energy.

Wiskind offers a comprehensive product system with a diverse range of categories, including cleanroom panels, cleanroom doors, medical doors, cleanroom windows, and more. These products hold certifications such as FM, CE, SGS, ISO9001, and ISO14001, ensuring quality and compliance with industry standards. Over the past four decades, Wiskind has successfully exported its products to more than 50 countries and regions, earning the trust of both local and international clients.

Grid Steel Ceiling With Sandwich Panel Systems For Clean Room

High Humidit Non-cold bridge Low Temperature Cleanroom Ceiling System

4, Allied Cleanrooms




Website: https://alliedcleanrooms.com/

With over 20 years of experience, Allied Cleanrooms specializes in building modular cleanrooms and environmental enclosures. As a top-rated manufacturer, they focus on Class 10 to Class 100,000 cleanrooms used for various activities including environmental test chambers, pharmaceutical storage rooms, and bio-safety laboratories. They offer a complete turnkey solution tailored to clients’ specifications, ensuring projects are seen through from start to finish.

Their non-invasive modular construction process involves factory manufacturing, resulting in short lead times and minimal on-site construction contamination. Allied Cleanrooms’ modular cleanrooms are reusable, reconfigurable, and environmentally friendly, reducing carbon footprints. They provide both softwall and hardwall cleanroom options to meet diverse needs efficiently.

Clean room

Soft wall clean room

5, Total Clean Air




Website: https://www.modular-cleanroom.net/

Total Clean Air stands as one of the foremost Cleanrooms providers in the UK, offering a diverse range of services across various niche markets. With expertise in modular Cleanroom designs, their goal is to aid clients in safeguarding critical environments through innovative solutions.

They specialize in the design, manufacturing, installation, assembly, and commissioning of customized cleanrooms throughout the United Kingdom. These include Modular Cleanrooms, Hardwall Cleanrooms, Monobloc Cleanrooms, and Softwall Cleanrooms, all meeting the highest international standards for various industries.

Total Clean Air has emerged as a leading cleanroom provider, focusing not only on design but also on the specification and construction of modular cleanrooms and controlled environments suitable for any industry.

Containment Solutions

Medical Cleanrooms

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