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Best 5 SLOT connector factories China

Today, the role played by connectors is very crucial. These are like veins that keep alive and power our electronic gadgets making it possible for communication and operation to be seamless. SLOT connectors stand out from numerous other available options due to their unique designs and performance features. In this article, we will look more into SLOT connectors and how they can help in transforming a lot of things.

Backbone of Connectivity

Connectors form the network that links all electronic devices responsible for data and power transfer. The slot-based design of these connectors offers a completely new approach to connectivity. Slot connectors do not work in the same way as pin ones because they aid in holding together printed circuit boards (PCBs) with external devices.

Innovative Design: Unmatched Versatility

These connectors’ adaptability happens to be one characteristic that makes them distinctively outstanding. Provided for different PCB configurations as well as thicknesses, such versatility is unrivaled among SLOT connectors’ applications. By using those SLOT connectors which can be modified according to user needs, any electronic device used in homes, cars, or industries may be easily connected so that it operates smoothly.

Easy Installation

Precise alignment and proper handling of traditional power connectors are needed to establish a secure connection during installation. Conversely, with its unique slot design, SLOT connectors simplify the entire process of installation making it easier and faster to connect them. This can be particularly beneficial in cases where repeated joining and unjoining is necessary.

Building the Future: The Promise of SLOT Connectors

Going forward with advancing technology, the need for sophisticated connectivity solutions will continue to increase. SLOT connectors have proven their efficiency, reliability, and flexibility record that will be integral in shaping future electronics. To satisfy the high demand for power connectors, many firms manufacturing these indispensable products have come up specializing in SLOT connectors. They employ advanced technological know-how and adhere strictly to quality standards so as to produce power cables meant for different industries. Here are the Best 5 SLOT connector factories in China.

1, Dongguan Shuoping Electronics Co., Ltd.

Website: https://www.wentae.com/

Established in 2015, Dongguan Shuoping Electronics Co., Ltd. expanded its operations with the establishment of a manufacturing factory in 2017, specializing in connector research, development, and production. Spanning an area of 8000 square meters, the factory is equipped with cutting-edge machinery, including 8 new gantry type punches, 4 imported KYORI elbow type punches from Japan, and 6 Japanese precision high-speed injection molding machines. Additionally, the facility boasts 60 fully automatic assembly machines and 50 fully automatic CCD inspection and packaging machines, with fixed assets exceeding 30 million. With a workforce of over 120 employees, including 5 senior product development engineers, 2 automation machine designers, and 20 quality personnel, Dongguan Shuoping Electronics ensures the highest standards of product development and quality control. With a dynamic team comprising 15 management personnel, the company maintains a youthful and innovative approach to its operations, ensuring continued success and growth in the industry.

2, Zhejiang Lianhe Import & Export Co., Ltd.

Website: https://m.lhe-connector.com/

Founded in 2004, Lianhe Electronic Co., Ltd. has emerged as a premier connector manufacturer in China, renowned for its Automotive Division under Zhejiang Lianhe Import and Export Co., Ltd., and Home Appliances Division. With a global presence, including offices in Italy, Spain, and India, LHE is committed to providing comprehensive supply chain system solutions for automotive connectors and home appliances. Driven by a vision of excellence, Lianhe Electronic Co., Ltd. aims to deliver superior products and services, catering to the evolving needs of the automotive and home appliance industries. With a steadfast dedication to innovation and customer satisfaction, LHE strives to establish itself as a leading supplier in the global marketplace, setting new standards of quality and reliability in connector manufacturing.

MX23A34SF1 Motorcycle ECU 34 Pin JAE Connector

776164-1 35P Black Code Housing

3, Antenk Electronics Co., Ltd.

Website: https://www.antenk.com/

Established in 2007, Antenk Electronics Co., Ltd. is situated in Shenzhen, Guangdong, a hub of economic activity in China. Renowned as a prominent connector and Cable Assembly manufacturer, Antenk integrates mold development, production, and sales seamlessly. Backed by a proficient engineering technology and quality assurance team, the company boasts state-of-the-art equipment including Taiwan high-speed precision punching machines, lathes, and imported mold processing equipment.

With specialized workshops for terminal stamping, mold design and manufacturing, plug-in assembly, and injection molding, along with a production base in Huizhou, Antenk maintains a workforce of over 200 employees. The company possesses over 18 sets of precision mold equipment, 8 sets of Japan and Taiwan branded precision plastic injection machines, and 9 sets of precision high-speed punch machines.

1.27mm EDGE Slot SMT Connectors

2.54mm Pitch EDGE Slot SMT Connector

4, Plastron Technology

Website: https://www.pla-conn.com/

Established in 2005, Plastron Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. specializes in manufacturing board-to-board connectors, I/O ports, and other precision electronic connectors. In 2020, we merged with Dongguan Cheng Ting Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. and established a new factory, Plastron Electronic Technology (Dongguan) Co., Ltd., in Qingxi Town, Dongguan City. Covering 3,600 square meters, our facility houses stamping, molding, and assembly workshops, enabling us to conduct full-process operations from parts production to shipment. We pride ourselves on delivering high-quality electronic connectors through a seamless manufacturing process.

0.8 mm Board to Board connector – 7.7mm Height Male

0.8 mm board to board connector double row board to board connector

5, AUK

Website: https://www.aukconnector.com/

AUK is a leading specialist in connector and cable design, offering advanced manufacturing solutions that exceed expectations and delight customers worldwide. Since our inception in 1983, we have built a reputation as a professional connector manufacturer based in Taipei, Taiwan. Over the decades, AUK has prioritized production reliability and exceptional customer service, resulting in numerous successful product development cases. Our commitment to long-term discipline has enabled us to accumulate extensive expertise and ensure the highest standards of quality and satisfaction for our valued clients.

Board to Board Connector


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Best 5 SLOT connector factories China

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