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Top Reasons for Using Poly V Belts by Small and Large Manufacturers

Poly V Belts are used in most industries on a smaller to larger scale and are part and parcel of any manufacturing process where load distribution is paramount. In other words, poly v belts are found in Paper Industry, Timber Industry, Mines and Quarries, Industrial Engines, Refrigeration, ventilation, Pumps, Escalator, Aerospace, Energy, Fitness Equipment, Gardening Equipment, etc. These belts are generally of continuous types used to drive several other devices, big or small, during a manufacturing process. It has triangular-shaped ribs that run lengthwise with a top angle of forty degrees.

poly v belts

The biggest benefit that this V belt offers is its compactness. It is better than all other traditional V-belts as it has a larger contact surface area than these. The Poly V Belts feature a polyester cord tensile property, while the elastic belts have a polyamide cord. These belts get stretched pretty well such that it is advantageous in high-volume applications that need improved reliability and low overdrive cost.

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Benefits of PV belts in Industrial Applications

As stated earlier, the PV belt stretch is of paramount importance for high-volume tasks. The PV belt is steady and reliable, although it doesn’t stretch out like a rubber band. However, the PV belt is the only option available for specific tasks. The Poly V Belts include (E)PH, (E)PJ, (E)PK, PL, PM, and Double Sided DPK. You may get the details if you visit the above site.

In the case of Serpentine Belts, these are mostly offered in ribs as per the standards specific to industries, while it is also possible to have custom sizes if the client is to order them in advance. According to individual clients ‘ specifications, these custom belts vary in length, widths, and pitches.

Suppose customers demand different types of Multi Micro Ribbed V Belts made of synthetic rubber ribs, polyester tensile cord, and nylon fabric cover. In that case, these too can be delivered immediately. The poly v belts are single and endless with longitudinal ribs, usually V-shaped. These ribs enable complete mating with the V-grooves in the sheaves. Due to this single most benefit, PV belts are so widely used in production.

Elastic Belts with Limited Stretch

The standard belts have a certain stretch and act much like a big rubber band. It, however, gives these belts elastic properties so that they have very good use in places where a high volume of materials is used. The elastic belts are made the same way as the standard PV belt. It differs mainly due to its cord material, elastic nylon, or polyamide. Here, the quality of the belt varies, and customers must therefore choose the same from reliable online stores.

PV elastic belts are used widely in some applications like washing machines, dryers, food processors, gym equipment, applications that need the elimination of idlers. These belts work seamlessly and without noise.

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