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Set Your Kitchen Apart With The Unique Kitchen Universal Faucet

I am done using faucets in my kitchen that look boring and basic, and surely many of you can relate to it. I recently purchased a new kitchen sink faucet that is not like any regular faucet. It did take me a good deal of time to find a unique faucet, but in the end, my efforts paid off.

It’s called the Kitchen Universal Faucet and comes with a 360-degree free-bending feature. Honestly, I have never seen or used anything like that before, so I am thrilled to share the details with my readers.

I got this faucet from Plumbtech, which is a China faucet factory and manufacturer. Besides fancy kitchen and bathroom faucets, they specialize in other types of fixtures as well.

Coming back to the main topic, the Kitchen Universal Faucet is a unique model and is equipped with the features you want. It’s already been a week since I first purchased this faucet, and I am absolutely in love with it.


If you are planning to purchase a new kitchen faucet from Plumbtech China faucet factory, you will want to know its features. So, here I am with the details you are expecting.

360 Degree Free Bending

No doubt, it is a one-of-a-kind faucet that adds style and functionality to your kitchen. Unlike regular faucets, the Kitchen Universal Faucet has a 360-degree bendable black rubber neck for excellent flexibility. You can bend the faucet’s neck in all directions and have no worries about breaking it. It makes using the faucet so much easier.

Pull-Out Adjustable Sink Gourmet

Another thing about this kitchen sink faucet that I liked a lot is the pull-down nozzle. It has more than one mode, so you can adjust the water flow as per your requirements. This makes the faucet a versatile choice for users. Right from rinsing vegetables to cleaning the sink, everything becomes easy.

Flexible Design

The single-handle design and flexible silicone wand make installation hassle-free. It is not wrong to state that this faucet is suitable for all kinds of kitchen space.

What Did I Like?

Based on my experience, the 360-degree rotation is a game-changing feature. It lets me access all sides and corners of the sink with no water splashes. Also, it makes everyday kitchen chores easy with the pull-down spray. Thanks to the flexible silicon wand that makes installation much less time-consuming.

What Could Be Improved?

I liked everything about this faucet, except it doesn’t have more color options. It would be so much better if China faucet manufacturers gave us more color choices to choose from.

I also expect more finishes because that way homeowners get the chance to match their faucet with their kitchen décor.

Would I Recommend It?

No way, I won’t recommend this faucet to my readers. It’s a fantastic faucet with a unique design that is perfect for all modern kitchen setups. If you don’t mind shelling out a few extra bucks, you should check out this faucet. It not only makes working in the kitchen convenient but also gives it a much-needed makeover.

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Set Your Kitchen Apart With The Unique Kitchen Universal Faucet

I am done using faucets in my kitchen that look boring and basic, and surely many of you can relate to it. I recently...

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