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Best 5 concrete lifting clutch precast providers

Concrete lifting clutches hold significance in the construction industry as they enable the efficient handling of precast concrete pieces. These clutches are equipment, for ensuring the lifting and positioning of precast concrete components thereby minimizing risks during transportation and installation.

 Fundamental components such as concrete lifting

In precast construction concrete lifting clutches serve as tools by providing support for lifting and transporting precast concrete pieces. Crafted from materials these clutches are designed to withstand loads ensuring safety and stability throughout their usage.

Important Features

Renowned suppliers of precast lifting clutches offer a range of options to cater to construction requirements. These clutches boast load bearing capacity, durability and precision engineering. They come in sizes and capacities to accommodate a variety of precast components like beams, panels and slabs.

Safety and Efficiency in Construction

Concrete lifting clutches play a role in construction projects. Precast lifting clutches are indispensable for safely, efficiently and accurately maneuvering elements. Their utilization reduces the risk of accidents by ensuring that large precast concrete components are lifted, transported and placed securely.

Right choice for precast lifting providers

Selecting a provider of concrete lifting clutches is pivotal, for any construction undertaking. Reputable suppliers make sure that their lifting clamps surpass quality standards, adhere to safety regulations and undergo testing. Opting for a seller guarantees the provision of durable and top notch lifting solutions.

Pros of high quality concrete lifting clutches

Investing in top-tier concrete lifting clutches from reputable providers translates to increased construction efficiency. These clutches enhance project timelines by ensuring swift, secure lifting and placement of precast elements. Moreover, they contribute to worker safety and reduce the risk of accidents during handling.

Concrete lifting clutches for precast elements play a crucial role in ensuring the safety and efficiency of construction projects. Choosing high-quality lifting clutches from reputable providers ensures the secure handling and installation of precast concrete elements, ultimately contributing to the success and durability of the constructed structures.


1, HULK Metal




Website: https://www.hulkconstructions.com/

HULK METAL ensures that customers can effortlessly acquire their desired Precast Concrete Accessories, empowering them in the process. The company is committed to providing comprehensive services, simplifying the purchasing experience for each customer. HULK METAL guarantees that customers enhance their brand image and value by obtaining metal products that are solid, reliable, and secure. With an unwavering dedication to establishing new standards in Precast Concrete Accessories and services, HULK METAL strives to instill a lasting sense of security in every customer throughout their purchasing and sales journey.





Website: https://www.dawson-group.com/

DAWSON GROUP LTD., a distinguished ISO 9001 certified company, endorsed by Lloyd’s Register, specializes in the comprehensive field of lifting and hoisting equipment. Our product range includes webbing and round slings, ratchet tie-down and lashing equipment, chains and chain slings, wire ropes and wire rope slings, material handling solutions, rigging hardware, and various related products. To ensure efficient operations, DAWSON GROUP LTD. oversees its subsidiaries, including DAWSON (QINGDAO) MANUFACTURING CO., LTD., QINGDAO DAWSON INDUSTRIES CO., LTD., and QINGDAO DAWSON IMPORT & EXPORT CO., LTD. Each subsidiary plays a crucial role, with responsibilities ranging from manufacturing to import and export business operations. This integrated approach allows us to maintain high standards of quality and service throughout our diverse product offerings.

DS101 Lifting Clutch for Concrete Precast

DS101 Lifting Clutch for Concrete Precast Element

3, H-Lift



Website: https://www.h-lift.com/

Established in 2002, H-Lift has evolved into a prominent supplier and solution provider for lifting and load securing equipment in China. Holding ISO 9001 certification from Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance (LRQA), H-Lift undergoes yearly surveillance audits by LRQA to uphold and enhance its Quality Management System continuously. In 2012, H-Lift achieved Associate Membership with the Lifting Equipment Engineers Association (LEEA), adhering to their code of practice, solidifying its position in the global lifting industry. H-Lift, operating to international standards, offers a diverse range of products, including manual and electric hoisting equipment, textile lifting slings, cargo lashing equipment, Grade 80/100 lifting chain and sling components, wire rope sling and its accessories, rigging hardware, material handling equipment, and more. All products undergo rigorous quality control standards, ensuring their adherence to strict quality benchmarks.

Precast Concrete Lifting Clutch LTC type

Precast Concrete Lifting Clutch LTC

4、Hua Yong






Huayong (M) Sdn Bhd was established in 1982, at the early stage of Malaysia’s rapid development, and played a vital role in national construction. After relocating from Ipoh to our current office location in Johor Bahru, we have witnessed significant growth in marketing activities, particularly in the lifting and rigging field. In 2015, we further enhanced our capabilities by equipping our in-house facility with a 10-ton hoisting structure and a 300-ton horizontal test stand (test stand) manufactured by WIROP Industrial Company Limited. These new additions enable us to offer comprehensive proof load and destructive testing services, contributing to our commitment to quality and safety in lifting and rigging works.

Weld-On Points

G80 Precast Concrete Lifting Clutch LTC Type

5, SecureFix Direct Ltd





Website: https://www.securefixdirect.com/

SecureFix Direct Ltd, a leading UK online supplier, offers a comprehensive range of products including caravan & camping equipment, agricultural & forestry hardware, marine chandlery & fittings, and lifting & towing accessories. With a focus on quality and convenience, they cater to the diverse needs of customers in these specific categories. Providing a reliable platform, SecureFix Direct ensures easy access to a variety of equipment for various industries and enthusiasts across the UK.

Precast Concrete Lifting Clutch 1T – 1.3T

Precast Concrete Lifting Clutch 1T – 1.3T (Ring Panel Device Equipment)

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