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Top 6 Laser Hair Removal Devices for Home Use

My first experience with laser-hair removal when I was in college made me think that I would never need another razor, waxing kit, or epilator in my life. But two months after my last treatment, I realized that my hair was growing back in full force. Laser-hair removal isn’t really permanent, but it can be a great way to reduce your hair and keep you smoother than ever. The downside is that it does not come with a lifetime warranty. Using a laser-hair removal device that you can use at home is less expensive, less time-consuming, and will require some maintenance in the long run, which is why I always recommend to my friends that they try out an at-home laser hair removal device first.

You might be wondering: do laser-hair removal devices even work at home? In fact, they do—they just use a much lower level of energy than the professional devices in your dermatologist’s office, meaning that it takes a lot more treatments to get similar results. To help you choose one you’ll actually use. I tested dozens of laser hair removal devices (no, seriously—I did) and compiled the most effective ones below. In addition, I gathered all of the info about laser-hair removal from three experts: dermatologists Arash Akhavan, MD, and Julie Russak, MD, as well as cosmetic doctor Ana Mansouri, MD. So as to get started, keep scrolling to see my top picks:

1, Ulike Sapphire Air+ IPL Hair Removal Handset

  • Reduces pain by cooling your skin while zapping
  • A razor and goggles are included


As the device is small, passing large areas like your legs can take some time

As another excellent laser hair removal device from Ulike, this one is yet another of the best. In 4 weeks, the FDA-approved handset will remove hair, allowing you to show off your cute skin again. As the light is converted into heat energy, Ice-Cooling technology prevents overheating of your skin, so you will have a painless yet effective hair removal experience.

It can be used on your legs, arms, face, armpits, and bikini lines, just like other Ulike hair removal devices and ensures that you can enjoy salon-like results at half the cost. With 1 million pulses per handset, you are able to enjoy a salon-like experience at home.

2, Ulike Sapphire Air3 IPL Hair Removal Handset

The Ulike Sapphire AIR3 is an advanced hair-removal device designed to provide a comfortable and efficient experience. It features three distinct operating modes tailored to specific body parts. The soft mode is ideal for the face, upper lips, and bikini area, while the body mode is perfect for the legs and arms. For larger areas, the power mode is more suitable, focusing on chest and armpits. The IPL technology in Ulike Sapphire AIR3 works by transmitting light energy to hair follicles, heating them up before gently removing hairs without pain. To further enhance the user’s comfort, Ulike Sapphire AIR3 comes with a cooling sensation at 20 degrees Celsius. Plus, the tool includes safety goggles and a razor for added precaution.

3, SmoothSkin Pure FIT Intelligent Ultrafast IPL Permanent Hair Reduction

  • Light-brown skin can be treated with this product
  • The only time it flashes is when it is pressed against your skin, so you don’t need goggles


It’s a little painful, according to some reviews

I used to get bikini waxes every month. Now I just shave once a week and follow up with this at-home device that leaves me smooth and fresh for a fraction of what I spent before. Depending on the area you’re treating (gentle, speed, and power), it has three treatment modes, 10 intensity settings, and a skin sensor that lets the device only flash if it’s pressed against a safe tone of skin. Despite giving me hair-free results after three to four months, it has been essentially foolproof for me.

4, XSoul At-Home IPL Hair Removal

Pros: On this list, the least expensive device is

Cons: Initially, it can be difficult to use, according to testers

This IPL hair removal device has 6,500+ five-star reviews on Amazon, so don’t mind me, just perusing the reviews. It has been said that the device is effective in reducing and thinning the hair on the face, arms, legs, stomach, back, and bikini line with intense-pulsed light, which comes in five different power levels based on where the device will be used (for example, you can choose a level one for the face and a level four for the legs). Most testers started seeing results after using it two to three times a week for just a month.

5, Nood The Flasher 2.0 Corded IPL Laser Hair Removal Handset

Pros: Testers have reported that it is gentle on the sensitive skin of the bikini line

Cons: Its lifespan is limited to two or three years due to having only 6,000 flashes. Replacement will be required afterward.

The at-home laser hair removal device you use may not be the best one for your bikini line, since it is a bit too powerful for your sensitive skin. Using a gentler, multiwavelength light that is slightly less painful while still being effective, Nood’s IPL device is a favorite of testers for Brazilian laser treatments at home. As an FYI, you don’t need to wear protective goggles with the device since the light doesn’t flash unless you press it directly on your skin.

6, Jovs Venus Hpro IPL Hair Removal Device



  • Enhances collagen and elastin production in the skin
  • The head rotates 330 degrees


Testers say it’s easy to accidentally press the laser button while repositioning head

The laser hair removal device is not only capable of permanently removing hair, but it also has a “skin rejuvenation” mode, which works at a lower frequency than the laser hair removal mode, so it can boost collagen and trigger the formation of elastin while removing hair. To reduce hair, use the tool on the face mode to pass over your skin in the same way that you would with a dermaplaner (or shave your chin or forehead), then turn on the SR function and glide the tool over your skin—avoiding your sensitive under-eyes—one to two times a week for a gradual treatment of your skin. Think about reducing wrinkles on your forehead and smoothing uneven skin texture.


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