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Everything you need to know about Green pure original oud oil

What does “Oud” refer to?

“Oud” is an Arabic term used to refer to a dark, fragrant and resinous wood. This resin is known by various names like agarwood, eaglewood, aloeswood, gaharu etc. Oud oil is extracted from a resinous agarwood tree.

How is Oud oil produced?

When a healthy Aquilaria tree gets attacked by mould, a dark resinous scented substance is produced. The quality of the oil is directly proportional to the age of the tree. But generally, these trees are harvested when they are around 10 years old. The best quality of the oil is produced by centuries-old trees.

green pure original oud oil
green pure original oud oil

The green pure original oud oil is a superior version of the normal aromatic oud oil. It is prepared by passionate distillation of high-quality agarwood oil, and then, it needs to be kept for at least 2 years, to convert it into pure green original oud oil. The royal aroma of this oil is bound to charm everyone’s olfactory organs.

Historical pieces of evidence of the existence of Oud oil

Oud oil is one of the royal oils and there is evidence, which shows, this has been existing since centuries ago! It has been used for the production of high quality incenses since ages. It has been being used by the Indians, Japanese, Chinese, Arabs and many more communities in various religious and social functions. It was also used by the doctors of medieval age to treat various diseases.

Since Oud oil is very rare and precious, it has also been used by the royal families since ages. It also has its name mentioned in various religious books, including The Bible.

It is believed to have come to South Asia through the silk route by Chinese travelers. And in the last 15 years, oud business in china has grown manifold and achieved new heights.

Properties of Oud oil

Oud oil has many beneficial properties and so it is used for various purposes as mentioned below:-

1. As an ingredient in various herbal medicines.
2. It is also used as an ingredient in Herbal tea.
3. It is also used as a perfume because of its tranquillizing aroma.
4. It is said to have analgesic properties and is also used to relieve pain in case of various diseases like arthritis.
5. Oud oil also has various antibacterial properties.
6. It is used in the treatment of other diseases like fever, asthma, epilepsy and even cancer.
7. This royal oil is also beneficial in treating digestive problems, smallpox, neural disorders, etc.
8. Before the development of medical sciences, oud oil was used to provide relaxation to the mother during and after childbirth.
9. It is believed oud oil has the ability to calm our body and mind and free it from various negative energies. Thus, it is used in various massage oils too, to provide a soothing sensation.
10. It has been effective for meditation and relaxation purposes.

Green pure original oud oil
Green pure original oud oil

World price of Oud oil

It is one of the most expensive fragrances of the world, and hence also known as “liquid gold”. Since only a few trees are very old, the quantity of pure oud available is very less. This is the reason behind such high prices of oud oil. This tree is mainly found in Southeast Asia.

The pricing of oud oil products depends on their purity. As already discussed, older the agarwood tree, better is the quality of the extracted oil. Thus, the best oil is not received from the agarwood plantations, but from the centuries-old tree in various forests. Such high-quality oil is highly expensive and is affordable only for the super-rich section of society.

The price of average quality oud oil in India is around 4000 INR per ml, while the purest ones may cost up to 32,500 INR.

Oud oil manufacturers and suppliers

In China, YuZhi Oud is a leading oud oil manufacturing industry. It has been providing pure and high-quality oud oil to various fragrance industries all over the world. In fact, the company is recognized by the quality and aroma of the products supplied by them. As per reports, their monthly production of oud oil is about 100kg.

According to Nationthailand, Treedom was the largest of oud oil manufacturer and supplier to global perfume market in 2019.

According to Indiamart, the popular suppliers of Agarwood oil in India are Bo International, Katyani Export, Vivikta Aromas India, SNN natural products, India Aroma exports, etc.

Nowadays, many industries also produce cheap “agarwood oil” in a completely artificial manner. They hardly contain any organic ingredients. Their aroma is almost the same as that of original agarwood oil. It is very hard to differentiate between organic agarwood oil and synthetic agarwood oil. The only way to figure it out is by chemical tests. If you still like to get more information about oud oil, visit http://www.yuzhioud.com/

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