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Best 5 sites to exchange gift cards for cash online 2023

If you want to make some extra money online, you can easily do that by selling gift cards.

There are several websites that allow you to trade in unwanted gift cards for cash or sell unwanted gift cards for cash.

How Do You Sell Gift Cards?

If you have multiple gift cards from the same retailer, you can sell them in bulk or individually if you have a few cards of the same denomination. There are even some sites that will purchase partially used gift cards, and most of them will pay you within a few days after you sell your cards.

I find it very important to make sure that you are using a reputable website when you are selling your gift cards online. It is also important to read each website’s guidelines so you know what type of information you will need to provide when listing your card. Some websites may require you to register with them in order to list your cards.

There are various retailers that offer gift cards for sale online, and although the amount you can make varies from retailer to retailer, it is important to keep in mind that there are some popular brands that contribute well to online sales such as Amazon, Goldbelly, and Target.

For extra money, you should consider all of these factors when choosing which cards to sell online.

Where To Sell Gift Cards Online?

Here are five trustworthy websites where you can sell gift cards online for you to help you get started right away.

1, Giftngpay

Website: https://giftngpay.com/

Giftpay’s team consists of professionals who specialize in recycling gift cards, so they can recycle them in the quickest and most efficient manner. In order to create the best price for gift card transactions and provide the best platform for doing so, they combine scientific methods with professional approaches.

The goal of Gingpay is to provide Africa with an efficient, safe, and secure trading platform so that customers can trade with Google. Profits are not the company’s goal; Africa’s development is.

2, Cardyard

Website: https://www.cardyard.co.uk/

The Cardyard is an online e-commerce platform that was designed to provide people with an easy way to unlock the value of their gift cards by converting them into cash or gift cards and then selling those gift cards at a discounted price through the services that it provides.

3, Cardncash

Website: http://www.cardncash.com/

If you would like to exchange gift cards for cash or bitcoins, CardnCash may be the best place to do so. You will not have to lose the gift card as long as you provide them with a valid gift card. In addition, they offer a safe platform where your credit cards are not used during the transfer process. In addition to offering the best rates, they also offer a safe platform for transferring funds.

You can sell gift cards in a variety of currencies with CardnCash and get paid instantly. Due to its easy-to-use interface, excellent customer service, and comprehensive support system, this application is one of Nigeria’s most popular Android gift card sale apps. In the near future, an iOS application will be developed.

4, Gameflip

Website: https://gameflip.com/overview/sell/gift-cards

It is easy for you to make money by selling unused, non-reloadable, or prepaid gift cards through Gameflip, the easiest way to do so. Steam cards, PSN cards, Xbox Live cards, Amazon gift cards, iTunes gift cards, and Google Play gift cards are some of the most popular gift cards you can sell on Gameflip.

There are expected to be thousands of buyers visiting the marketplace in order to buy your gift card. If you set a price that is between 2% and 15% off of the original price, you will be able to sell gift cards quickly. If your gift cards are not selling quickly, you may have to adjust the asking price in order to attract buyers.

If you wish to list your gift cards on their website or their free mobile application, you can do so pretty easily. They recommend using auto-delivery for the fastest and most seamless transaction possible. When the buyer receives your git card code, redeems the git card, and completes the transaction with a rating, the proceeds will be deposited directly into your Gameflip wallet. You can withdraw the proceeds at any time.

5, Giftcash

Website: https://www.giftcash.com/

This gift card exchange website pays you in cryptocurrency for selling gift cards, making it one of the few websites which allow you to sell gift cards for cryptocurrency.

This company has paid out millions of dollars since it was founded in 2017, supporting hundreds of retailers.

The process of buying a gift card is a straightforward process made easier by the fact that there are only three steps involved in the process and this simplifies it for you.

Gift Cash has a number of gift cards that also have a good cash value, but there are certain gift cards that are more likely to retain their value over time compared to others.

In order to sell gift cards with Gift Cash, you will need a card reader if you want to sell physical cards. If you wish to sell gift cards with a balance of $25 or more, then Gift Cash will only buy cards with a balance of $25 or more.

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