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Best 5 Neon LED Flex Lights factories China 2023

If you are searching for LED neon light manufacturers, then you should definitely consider Chinese companies. Do you know why? Because they are one of the world’s leading manufacturer and exporter of LED neon lights. They provide high-quality LED products at competitive prices because they are the best at it. Because there are so many manufacturers out there, it can be difficult to choose a single company. So, in order to assist you in finding the best LED Neon light manufacturers and suppliers in China, I researched extensively and compiled a list of the five best manufacturers and suppliers.

Best 5 Neon LED Flex Lights factories China 2023

The light manufacturing market in China has become very popular over the years because they are believed to offer the best value without having to compromise on quality. Below are a few of the top LED neon light manufacturers and suppliers in China.

1, Ledvv Neon LED Flex Lights factory

Website: https://www.ledvv.com/products/led-neon-lights/

Shenzhen Lindeng Lighting Technology Co., LTD manufactures flexible and rigid LED strip lighting. They have an in-house team of professional engineers who support Strip PCB design.

In addition to waterproof dotless and no voltage drop RGB LED strip lights, tape LED lights, flexible LED strips, they also offer waterproof dotless and no voltage drop RGB LED strips, 12v LED strips, RGBW LED strips, and flexible LED strips with no voltage drop.

Neon LED Flex puts emphasis on disposable extrusion molding, neon tube and LED strip manufacturing, which is one of most important production technologies.Their main process is to use disposable extrusion molding, since it has a higher quality and is more durable. The neon tube and LED strip versions are always applicable for different size requests.

2, Shenzhen Rebow Technology Co., Ltd.

Website: https://szrebow.en.alibaba.com/

The Shenzhen Rebow Industry Co.,Ltd was established in 2007, with over 5000 square meters of dust-free workshop, automated production lines, and modernized equipment, along with 100 employees, 20 engineers, 30 quality control, etc. The products they produce have been exported to over 200 countries, and they are certified for ISO9001, FCC, CE, ROHS. Their company is one of the top manufacturers of LED strip lights and panel lights in the world. Their SMD LED packaging line ensures high color consistency and efficiency. Their company uses only good quality materials that are imported from Japan and the United States. They go here to make these products.

3, Zhongshan Jingxin Photoelectric Co., Ltd.


The Zhongshan Jingxin Photoscion Electric Co., Ltd., which is the first ever batch professional neon light manufacturer with an independent industrial chain in China, established in 2006 as a manufacturer of neon lights, including LED neon signs and LED neon tubes,products.There are more than 100 employees working at the factory and it covers 4,000 square meters. The company has over 30 patents covering its original appearance and structure, and has been awarded the National High Technology Enterprise award. Using over 10 special production machines and 10 production lines, the monthly output value can reach 1,000,000 to 5,000,000 dollars.

4, Hangzhou Shinedo Technology Co., Ltd.


In 2012, Shinedo Technology Co., Ltd. founded itself as a manufacturer of solar products, including solar motion sensor lights, solar garden lights, solar flame lights, and solar mole repellers. Research, development, sales, and service of these solar products are their areas of focus.

They are located in Hangzhou with convenient transportation access. Their company is dedicated to strict quality control and thoughtful customer service. Their experienced staff is always available to discuss your requirements and ensure full customer satisfaction. They have been certified CE and RoHS. Quality control standards are strictly followed throughout the entire process of sourcing, processing, testing, and packaging.

A majority of their products are exported to North America, South America, Europe, Oceania, Middle East, Asia, and Africa. In order to meet different standards and requirements, their team continuously researches and develops new products. Whether you need assistance selecting a product from their catalog or seeking engineering assistance for your application, their customer service center is always available to answer any questions you may have regarding your sourcing needs.

5, Guangzhou Canmei Lighting Co., Ltd.

Website: https://canmeilights.en.alibaba.com/

The Canmei Lighting Co., Ltd. (also known as Canmei Lighting) is a professional company in the field of R&D, production, and sales of LED indoor lighting products (such as LED energy-saving lamps) and has more than ten years of experience in this industry.

Among the products that this company manufactures are fluorescent tubes, ceiling lights, bulbs, downlights, and other energy-saving LED lamps, which are mainly used in hotels, supermarkets, commercial chains, and other commercial and industrial establishments. A number of certifications have been obtained by the company for the products that have been developed, including CE, UL, PSE, ETL, RoHS, and others.


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