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Best 5 injection mold design companies China 2023

The injection molding method is the most common method of manufacturing plastic products. Injection molding involves pouring molten plastic, which is usually made of thermoplastic, into a steel or aluminum mold in order to make the final product. In order to remove a final item from the mold after the molten material has been poured into the mold, it has to be allowed to cool until it solidifies before it can be removed. We use a variety of molding materials, including ABS, acetal, nylon 66, low-density polyethylene (LDPE), high-density polyethylene (HDPE), polycarbonate, polypropylene, polystyrene and thermoplastic elastomer for our molds. Among the many industries that use injection molding are the construction industry, the food and beverage industry, medicine and pharmaceuticals.

This article aims to provide you with details about the best plastic injection molding services in China that we have available.

About Injection Molding

Designing plastic parts is a complex task involving many factors that address application requirements. In addition to functional and structural concerns, processing concerns play a large role in the design of injection molded plastic parts. “How will the part be used?” “How will it fit with other parts in the assembly?” It is largely dependent on how the molten plastic enters, fills, and cools the cavity to form the part that determines what form the features in the part should take. The design of an injection molded part should follow a few basic rules. This will result in a part that is not only easier to manufacture and assemble, but also typically much stronger in service. When you divide a part into basic groups, you will be able to build your part in a logical manner while minimizing molding problems. In the development of a part, consider how it will be molded and what can be done to minimize stress.

Best 5 injection mold design companies China 2023

1, winwinmold injection mold design company

Website: https://www.winwinmold.com

As an experienced plastic injection mould manufacturer, Win Win Mold is located in Shenzhen of China and is very well known for its quality products. After 15+ years of development, the company has developed to a level where it provides a full range of “turn key” services to its customers, ranging from product design, to prototyping, to mold design, to mold production and so on. They are also specialized in designing and manufacturing plastic injection molds as well.

2, Shenzhen RJC Industrial Co.,Ltd

Website: https://szjcmold.en.alibaba.com/

In 2002, Shenzhen RJC Industrial Co., Ltd. was established and is currently located in Shenzhen, China. Over a period of many years, the company has grown to become one of the leading manufacturers in the engineering and technological manufacturing industry, specializing in rapid prototyping, plastic mold manufactures, plastic injection moldings, and CNC machines.

All experienced engineers, masters, and technicians are committed to providing thoughtful service and strictly quality control of production at RJC, now with an independent industrial area spanning more than 10 thousand square meters.

3, Ningbo P&M Plastic Metal Product Co., Ltd.

Website: https://nbplasticmetal.en.alibaba.com/

Plastic Metal Product Co.,Ltd (P&M) is located in Yuyao, the Mould City, the Plastic Kingdom. In the south of Hangzhou Bay Bridge, north of Shanghai, east of Ningbo Port, the tight double line of State Road 329 enables land, sea and air traffic to be connected into one network. With its abundant technical strength, scientific management methods, and excellent after-sales support, this product has gained worldwide popularity and trust. Their company holds a comprehensive development and production system, which allows them to design molds, manufacture plastic products, and automate production. The main products they manufacture are plastic molds, plastics, and metal products. Their enterprise exports 90% of its products to the United States, Europe, Germany, Japan, Australia, etc. A market-oriented approach to life is maintained at P&M, where they emphasize quality service and continuous product development, and are determined to establish a strong corporate image, with a wide range of business exchanges and collaborations with their friends at home and abroad, leading to brilliant results.

4, Bestway Plastic And Metal Products Ltd.

Website: https://pm-bestways.en.alibaba.com/

It was established in 2000 that BEST WAY PLASTIC & METAL PRODUCTS LIMITED is one of the most professional manufacturers in this field, providing a “one-stop” service which includes designing and making molds, injection manufacturing, painting, screen printing, assembling, stamping parts, machining parts, and providing great after-sales service for many years to come. their company has many years of experience in manufacturing and developing high-end technologies, and they have been doing it for decades. A total of 24 injection machines can be found in their factory which covers more than 10000 square meters. In addition to home appliances, electrical appliances, pharmaceutical appliances, bathroom accessories, building plastic parts, toy and craft items, they are also an OEM and ODM factory. A number of their products are well suited to exporting to Europe and US countries, for example American/German/Canada/Spain/Sweden/Denmark, Australia, etc…

5, Zhangjiagang Kua Shi Plastic Products Co., Ltd.


It has been established since May 1998, and currently employs more than 180 people. The company covers an area of 11,000 square meters and currently employs over 180 people. Founded in 1998, Zhangjiagang Shenzhou Machinery Co., Ltd. is the parent company of the company, and the company’s headquarters are located in Zhangjiagang Shenzhou Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of automatic injection molding machines. The hydraulic and electrical components are excellent, offering good performance, high efficiency, and low failure rates. In addition to exporting products to South America, North America, Europe, and Asia, some products are also sold on the domestic market.


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