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Best 5 hotel amenities Suppliers 2023

A hotel amenity is a desirable or valuable feature that hotel staff provide guests when they are renting a room at a hotel, motel, or another lodging facility. Hotel amenities vary from hotel to hotel. There are hotels in which specific amenities may be included in the rooms in advance of booking. Other hotels may offer the amenities as an added cost. Hotel amenities suppliers manufacture items such as toiletries, linens, spa items, bathrobes, and other luxury items for hotels and motels.

What are the list of amenities in a 5 star hotel?

A good 5-star hotel will provide you with scores of in-house amenities for a hassle-free stay. Among the amenities that a 5-star hotel provides to its guests are free Wi-Fi, a gym, a spa, private swimming pools in front of each room, safe parking for cars, a fully equipped business center, shuttle and cab services, multiple cuisine choices, cordial and professional staff, emergency services, a guest support counter, and many more. In a 5-star hotel, you can find whatever you need .

Best 5 hotel amenities Suppliers 2023

1, Factorytohotel hotel amenities Supplier

Since its founding in 2007, F2H has been combining manufacturing with trade. Currently, we have gathered over 229 manufacturers on our platform, primarily based along the Yangtze River Delta in China. Until now, they have supplied products to over 5000 hotels worldwide, including some of the world’s leading hotels and chains, including Marriott, Hilton, Intercontinental, Accor, among others. They even serve the super five-star BurjAl-Arab Hotel, one of the most famous hotels in the world. Having expanded their export business to over 30 countries around the world in the last few years, their involvement in the Middle East market has become increasingly important to them, leading to them gaining a great deal of foreign trade experience along the way. FactorytoHotel (F2H) was officially launched in 2021 after being prepared for more than two years.

Website: https://factorytohotel.com/

2, Yekalon Industry Inc. 

The Yekalon Industry, Inc. was founded in 1997 in Shenzhen, China. Today, the company boasts four recognizable global brands: Yekalon Buildmart, Bergeim Floors, Tap&Go, and Sennorwell, among others. They work with builders, developers, and wholesalers in more than 200 countries and regions, including RONA, ADEO (Leroy Merlin), Traki, Sheraton, Shangri-La, Hilton, Double Tree, and many others.

Website: https://sennorwell.en.alibaba.com/

2, Jiangsu Soho International Group Yangzhou Co., Ltd.

Yangzhou Co.,Ltd. was founded in 1998 by Jiangsu Soho international group.

They have their headquarters in Yangzhou, China. Their company’s name is Jiangsu OPPEAL Daily Cosmetics Corp., Ltd., which is a listed factory group (stock code 834462) that specializes in cosmetic products for the daily life and is headquartered in Yangzhou, China.

In their quest to combat climate change, they continually strive to ensure the sustainability of our environment that goes beyond our products in order to make the world a better place. They continue their fight in a unique way as well. It has been their mission to take action to preserve our planet by advocating for environmental policy, promoting environmental awareness, encouraging local participation in conservation efforts, partnering with other movements and organizations, etc. As a result, they continue to do this.

Website: https://yzsoho.en.alibaba.com/

4, Yangzhou Kailai Hotel Amenities Co., Ltd.

Founded in 1998, Yangzhou Kailai Hotel Amenities Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer, specializing in producing high-quality hotel amenities for the luxury market and has been operating for more than 20 years and has been recognized as a major player in the industry.

With nearly 400 employees, our cosmetic lab has been certified by the GMP Certificate as a hundred thousand grade clean workshop with a 20000 square meter industrial facility. As well as ISO9001, GMPC, and SASO certificates, they also hold other international certifications.

Furthermore, the company also manufactures slippers, toothbrushes, soap, and various other items as a complete set as well as being appointed the direct agent of the Japanese brand G.U.M in China, except in the city of Guangzhou.

It has also expanded its business to the US, Europe, and the Middle East, in addition to Europe, America, and the Middle East. In addition to having offices and agents all over the country, they have won many accolades including being one of the top suppliers for Chinese restaurants and one of the best brands for Chinese consumers.

5, Shenzhen Mrtong Industry Co., Ltd.

A firm known as Shenzhen Mrtong Industrial Co., Ltd. manufactures hotel supplies (along with having a strong technical support team and testing equipment). The products of this company are widely used in the Hotel Supplies industry as well as other fields because of their wide range, high quality, reasonable prices, and stylish designs. In addition to the fact that their products are recognized and trusted by users, they can also adapt them to changing economic and social needs. It would be the pleasure of the company to welcome new and old customers from all walks of life for future business relationships and mutually beneficial results in the future.

Website: https://szmrtong.en.alibaba.com/

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