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Best 5 birthday party dresses wholesalers China 2023

Our birthday parties as kids usually involved cake, presents, a fun activity, and wonderful company. We didn’t pay much attention to our outfits, as we typically wore what we liked.

After reaching adulthood, birthdays became less about age and more about excuses. Margaritas after an ax-throwing match? Yes, please.

In my opinion, it’s safe to say that we care more about fashion when it comes to planning birthday parties. After all, you’re the star, so it’s only fitting that you look good.

You’re probably wondering what to wear to a birthday party instead of wearing your childhood pink tee or favorite pair of jeans (they’re still iconic, after all).

How do I choose my birthday dress?

Wearing a sparkly, flashy dress is the best way to catch everyone’s attention.

If you would like a more subtle look, opt for cream, light pink, or black sparkle dresses. If you want something that pops a little more, opt for red, blue, or a mixed-color dress. If the weather is cool, pair your dress with tights and a jacket to keep you warm.

Which type of dress is best for party?

A great choice would be to choose a comfortable LBD, lace dress, or jumpsuit. Dinner parties are not like cocktail parties or ceremonies, but indeed they require you to be dressed elegantly while being casual. So, even if it is an in-house party, it is never a good idea to wear grunge clothing.

Best 5 birthday party dresses wholesalers China 2023

1, Zooek

Website: https://www.zooek.com/dresses/birthday-dresses

Their goal for this special day is to tell you that it is not just special for you, but it is also very special for them, so they want to tell you that it is not just special for you. Their collection of pretty birthday dresses is sure to suit your needs, whether it’s a fashion 18th/21st birthday bash, or a 30th dinner and drinks party. Feel super glam in their fashionable birthday party dresses, adorned with luxe beading, pearls, rhinestones, and more to help you glow all night. There are puff sleeve party dresses, bow styles, plunge styles, and tiered dresses that will make you stand out at the party. There are a wide variety of styles and lengths to suit your mood and birthday occasion, including the cuteest mini dresses, chic long dresses, cool maxi dresses, and high-low styles that you’re going to love.

2, Xiamen OCS Trade Co., Ltd.

Website: https://ocstrade.en.alibaba.com/

In addition to being one of the largest manufacturers of women’s clothing in China, OCSTRADE has its own factory, which includes a business department, a design department, a cutting department, a sewing department, a purchasing department, a quality inspection department, and many other departments.

You can expand your brand or start your own women’s fashion brand with their convenient one-stop service for you.

In addition to their Private Label Service, they also provide Custom Services if you would like to establish your own fashion clothing brand.

One of the top wholesale clothing manufacturers in the world has ten designers, five pattern makers and fifteen professional sample makers, so creating your own fancy designs is quite easy for them. Their professional pattern makers and sample makers can help you turn your ideas into reality products as long as you provide the sketch or your ideas, so that they can turn them into reality products.

3, Guangzhou Domin Company Limited

Website: https://domin.en.alibaba.com/

Thia company was established in 1995, and they have over 27 years of experience working in the design, development, and production processes of fashion products for European and American markets.

There are several pains small businesses go through when starting or growing a new brand. The OEM solutions we provide, as well as the strategic and business sourcing solutions and services they offer, have been designed for small businesses on a budget.

In addition, they also provide you with more than 100 new products available in stock every month that you can choose from so you save on the cost of purchasing items at a lower minimum order quantity each month.Their team of manufacturing and design consultants is dedicated to streamlining and educating you to maximize your dollar.

4, Yiwu Wingtu Import & Export Co., Ltd.

Website: https://wingtumarket.en.alibaba.com/

Founded in 1995, this company has over 27 years of experience designing, developing, and producing fashion products for European and American markets.

Starting a new brand is a pain point for many small businesses. The OEM solutions they provide, as well as the strategic and business sourcing solutions they offer, are designed for small businesses on a budget.

Also, each month, they offer you more than 100 new products in stock for you to choose from, thereby saving you money on the cost of purchasing items at a lower minimum order quantity. They have a team of manufacturing and design consultants dedicated to streamlining and educating you to maximize your dollar. They own a factory and large warehouses. They manufacture clothing and bags in our own factory. In addition to longstanding relationships with factories and suppliers, Wingtu Import & Export Co. is a global leader in wholesale fashion clothing and accessories distribution.

5, Guangzhou Gedan Garment Co., Ltd.

Website: https://goldensection.en.alibaba.com/

A company called Golden Section Fashion Garment Co.Ltd. was established in 2003 in Guangzhou, China’s fashion capital. They supply OEM dresses, bridesmaid dresses, formal dresses, cocktail dresses, casual dresses, club dresses, badage dresses, gowns, and homcoming dresses. As well as tops and blouses, they offer jackets and pants. They integrate design, manufacturing, and sales. They accept small batch customization, sample production takes 1-3 days, and mass production can also provide free samples. Looking forward to establishing a long-term partnership with you.

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