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An Aluminum CNC Machining Machine in Your Home Workshop

Computers were introduced into factories 40 years ago in the world of large corporate manufacturing. Computer Numeric Controlled machines (or CNC), that were controlled by stack punch cards and had intricate patterns of holes punched in them, could run huge milling machines or lathes. These machines were slow but efficient and cost more than a house.

These days are over for the home craftsman. You can now own your own CNC router and CNC mill, CNC lathe, or CNC plasma cutter. It’s practical, affordable, and possible. You can build a CNC machine at home with a basic computer and a few hundred dollars worth software.

An aluminum cnc machining can add value to hobbies you already enjoy, such as woodworking, model railroads, and airplane building. A small CNC router can be used to etch and drill printed circuit boards if you’re into electronics. A CNC machine is a great way to help your kids with their science fair projects, robotics projects, or arts and crafts projects.

CNC machines are capable of cutting or machine complex detail quickly. Perhaps you’ve seen wall hangings made with a jigsaw. These intricate pieces require a skilled craftsman to drill through the workpiece, remove the saw blade, thread the blade through a hole and then reattach the blade. Then, the machine makes the cut. The same job can be done in half the time and with much greater precision using a CNC router.

The most versatile machine is the CNC Router. You can use it to make large cuts, sculpt in three dimensions, and you can also insert a swivel blade cutter into the router chuck. This can be used for cutting vinyl signs and graphics. You can digitally “Reverse Engineer” any part using the right software. A probe is mounted inside the router chuck and used to trace the contours of the part. The computer will “Remember the shape of your original and allow you to replicate it with the router by cutting it from a block or any other material.

A CNC router could be the beginning of a full-time or part-time business. Wooden signs can be carved, toys made from wood, and model railroad parts or airplanes. To create figurines, plaques, or other cast parts, you can carve your own patterns and mold them. Have you ever seen wooden clocks? You can make one or many of these clocks with a CNC router. You can make prototypes from any number of materials, including aluminum, wood, plastics, and composite materials such as carbon fiber laminate or printed circuit board material, if you’re a frustrated inventor. Visit our website www.runsom.com to get more info about china precision parts.

How do you start? The ABC’s of CNC video is a great place to start. This DVD covers the entire CNC process from the beginning of machine design, G Code, CAD, and CAM software to the end. Sample parts will be shown starting with a design and being sketched on a napkin. Then, the CAD software is used to create the cutting paths. The CAM program’s output is sent to the actual machine controller. This converts digital information into actual movement… to cut the part.

It doesn’t take a genius in electronics or programming to make a CNC machine. To make your own aluminum cnc service, the ABCs of CNC video will help you know where to begin, how to find parts, and where to search for them. It’s rewarding and fun. It will open up new realms of precision, speed, repeatability, and accuracy.

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