About Us

Welcome to Foro España

A big group of professionals from different areas of social life (university, media, independent professionals, business) has expressed their agreement on objectives with a common front: solidarity as a source of understanding and a meeting point for those that want to contribute to improving Spain.

The Transition was a political, economic and social transformation that gave us the greatest prosperity and democracy in our history. The economic crisis and, mainly, of values in the first years of this century, the appearance of the new social movements are the main point of awareness and coordination with the political forces as an impulse for social change.

In this area, we propose to recover the solidarity of those difficult years of ideological confrontation. Under this premise, as our manifesto says, we need to return to solidarity as a reference in all areas of social life (Family, Business, Town, Autonomous Community, Spain and Europe), to be an integral and transversal part of the common project that It’s called “Spain”.

“Solidarity with a future project for Spain” on four main values: dignity, freedom, democracy and the rule of law.

We can only overcome the current challenges and problems (youth and millennials, education, pension system, employment and demographic development, equality of opportunities and gender, social inclusion), if we are loyal to Spain, to its Constitution that integrates all we share this common project, each one from its origin and identity, in a European and international context.

In this sense, we are a transversal initiative, without links to political groups, to win public space, collect the ideas of citizens and promote them with respect and harmony for economic, social and cultural progress. This is essential for the construction of an open and tolerant society, which adopts social dialogue as a source of understanding.

In short, it must be understood that the unity of Spain is in accordance with respect for the diversity of different cultures, their historical and linguistic richness as a way of understanding the opinions of those who think differently, within a common regulatory framework provided by our Rule of Law and the Constitution.

Currently, the strength of social change can not make it possible to achieve these goals if we do not offer alternatives to partisan and temporary politics resistant to change; instead of action and social movement to solve the problems that affect us as citizens.

In this sense, Foro España wants to be a channel of communication with all those who agree with these principles. Nobody owns our ideas, beyond the hopeful and eventual vote we give to our politicians, so we need your support to recover the public space and progress in universal values.

Foro España works on the promotion of critical thinking that is transformed into solidarity, through activities (forums, meetings) to achieve our goals.

From this place of critical thinking, we make a call to participate in this integration project in the defense of our values.